Saturday, April 16, 2016

Because Decency Matters

I've been staring at a blank screen for quite some time, trying to come up with words sufficient enough to express how dumbfounded I am. I've seen a lot of weird things in my day that I've been at a loss to explain: Pet Rocks, Leisure Suits, 8 track tapes, Dennis Rodman...

Okay, we can chalk those things up to temporary insanity. But the latest movement (pardon the pun) making its way into our schools, our fitness centers and businesses is the moral equivalent of Sodom and Gomorrah. I could even argue that it's worse, because it's being forced upon all of us. If it continues unchecked, none of us will have a choice. Someone riddle me this: When did it become a good idea to allow boys and girls, men and women to use whatever bathroom or shower they choose depending on what they "feel" like? In other words, whatever happened to common decency?

Here's the problem, for those who, for whatever reason cannot see the problem inherent in this. Let me spell it out for you. BOYS and GIRLS are different. And they have a right to keep their bodies PRIVATE.

It was the rite of passage that many junior high students dreaded, and I imagine many still do. Gym class. That uncomfortable hour of the day when you find yourself dressing and showering with the students you just studied geometry and science with. It's difficult enough with members of the same gender. Imagine the chaos that's likely to unfold when raging teenage hormones get together in the shower and dressing room!

Let me put it another way. I made a marriage vow to my wife. My vow means I only have eyes for her. Therefore, I have the right to not be exposed to an undressed member of the opposite sex whether I'm in the bathroom, changing room, or anywhere else. Does my right to purity enter into play, here? We chastise women for for dressing scantily and enticing men, and we chastise men for viewing pornography and seeing women as objects. Is there a difference, here? Sorry, but if God granted you certain plumbing, it doesn't matter how you "feel." It's indecent and its wrong to expose that body to a member of the opposite sex.

This isn't a rant against the LGBT Community, although I understand how many feel that it falls within that debate. That's a discussion for another place. This is about ALL of us, especially our vulnerable children, and our right not to be sexually intimidated or unwillingly enticed in a public place. It is about decency. Let's pray that in America, decency still matters.