Monday, February 27, 2012

Of Waffles, Drills, and IPads

I'm hurting. Badly. Since early December, I've been battling a painfully sore hip that's being caused by either a muscular condition or degenerative arthritis, depending on which health care professional is to be believed. At any rate, the pain seems to spread just about anywhere it darn well pleases, leaving me irritable, frustrated, and at certain times incredibly angry.

Yet it's been good for me. The apostle Paul wrote that he delighted in his weaknesses, because when he was weak, then he was strong in the Lord. I'm beginning to understand on a much smaller scale what Paul meant. Suffering through the sort of pain that limits my ability to lift anything heavier than a jug of milk is not only humbling, it has opened the door for God to show Himself perfect and mighty in my life. Let me explain.

This affliction has drawn me to my knees. As strange as this will undoubtedly sound to my skeptic friends and relative(s), the pain has been an answer to my prayers. I began to feel last year as if I had lost my "edge" in my personal relationship with God. I was doing the work of the ministry, but not growing at all in my walk with Jesus. I felt stagnant, alone, and depressed by the depravity of the world around me in these last days. Not willing to give up, I asked God to do whatever it takes to get my attention. Well, He got it. I have no choice but to seek God more earnestly in prayer. And as I have returned to my first love, as I have delighted in the Lord, other things have begun to fall into place.

He has humbled me through my finances. Pam and I each had to replace our cars early this year. The only way to do it was for each of us to "give up" our own weekly spending money. I'm lucky to have a quarter in my pocket. But God has used it to teach me how fortunate I am. I have more empathy for those who have nothing at all. It has prompted me to pray and work harder to reach the lost people of our community. And it's working.

But here's the really good stuff. The delightful stuff. Psalms 37:4 says, "Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." Are you ready for this? In the last month, people have been blessing my socks off out of the blue! A friend surprised me with a brand new restaurant-quality Belgian waffle maker, along with blueberries and waffle mix. Another friend bought me a brand new high-quality drill. Yet another couple knocked on my door and handed me a brand new IPad with a $25 ITunes gift card. I certainly didn't ask for any of those things, or even hint around that I wanted them. Yet each of them was a "desire" of my heart. That's over a thousand dollars worth of stuff just handed to me for no other reason than the fact that God put it on someone's heart. I didn't even think to ask God for any of those things. I was too busy seeking His face.

Now. Can healing be far away? I daresay I'm willing to wait on God.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yet Another Top Ten

More things I just don't understand:

1. Just how does one go about sending "thoughts" my way?

2. Does the book I purchased on my NOOK really exist?

3. If the bird is the word, then where does that leave Grease?

4. How many people under the age of 40 didn't understand question #3?

5. How many are trying to Google the answer?

6. Shrove Tuesday historically revolves around the pancake. How could I not have known that?

7. Do they even teach the difference between "your" and "you're" in school anymore, or have they just given up?

8. Do skunks know how bad they smell?

9. Why is it that I can write incredible songs, make up mind-blowing stories and solve all the world's problems in my sleep, then never remember the details when I wake up?

10. How many who Googled #3 found an acceptable answer?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'll See You In My Dreams

From the start, let me make this clear. I have never seen Lady Gaga perform. I've not heard her sing. Nor do I want to. I wouldn't know her if I bumped into her on the sidewalk. Nor do I want to. Her reputation precedes her, and that's enough for me. It's kind of like geoduck... I don't have to try it to pretty much know that I'm not going to like it.

Nor do I want to.

So why in the world did I dream about her last night? Most times, I can trace my dreams back to something that happened during the course of the previous day. In this particular dream, I was a reporter again. Okay, nothing unusual. I was asked to write and produce an ad yesterday for the radio station I used to work for. Radio was on my mind, I was a radio reporter for many years, hence the dream. Got it. But Lady Gaga? Seriously?

I doubt she looks anything like she did in my dream. She was brunette, about 50 years old and trying to look 15, and slightly overweight. She was performing at some sort of an outdoor fair. It was raining, and only a handful of fans were anywhere near the stage. There was a group of about 20 dancing to her music afar off. Most of the people were wandering the fairgrounds in the rain, ignoring her performance. Then she came inside for an interview. I truly didn't know what to ask her, but I came up with a killer question... something about her childhood as I recall. I don't know exactly what it was, but I was pretty proud of pulling a good question out of thin air, when I really didn't want to be doing the interview at all. Her people only allowed a couple questions, then they escorted her away.

As she walked away I thought, "This is America's most popular female singer? Why?"

That might be the only part of my dream that made sense.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tim's Top Ten

The Top Ten Things I Want to Ask God:

1. Does Adam have a belly button?

2. What did Jesus write in the sand with his finger? (John 8:6)

3. Mosquitoes... really?

4. Is my dog up there with you?

5. Who was your favorite President?

6. Why didn't you make vegetables taste as good as pancakes?

7. What are we having at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?

8. Why am I so fixated on food?

9. Is there football in heaven?

10. Why did you choose me?