Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Long Week Ahead

A team of about a five spent nearly three hours today putting together the stage for our Vacation Bible School that starts Monday. Hopefully we didn't go too "over the top." I don't think so. In fact, I wish we could have done more.

Kids are a lot more difficult to impress these days. I used to love coming through the door at the little Methodist Church down the street during VBS to find a colorful banner and a few balloons in the sanctuary. I was thinking about a song we used to sing nearly every year. It was handwritten in black marker on a white poster board, with red "X's" where we were supposed to clap.

Sing and shout out X Hallelujah
Lift your voice and X praise the Lord
Give Him ear now X all ye people
Listen to His X Holy Word

God's salvation free from tribulation
Unto every nation be His love proclaimed
We are brothers, let us tell to others
Of the wonderful power of Jesus' name XX

I would trade one of my most valuable antiques just to have that poster board. That's how clear the picture is in my mind, and how warm and wonderful the memory of Vacation Bible School is to me. I can see Mrs. Breakie sitting at the piano, Marge (Mrs. T.) leading the children in the prayer of salvation, and the wonderful lady whose name I can't recall, who poured the Kool-Aid every year.

So this week, here's hoping and praying we can create the same kind of memories for our children. It's kicked up a few notches from all those years ago. I doubt they'll remember the Kool-Aid lady, but I hope they'll remember at least a little something they learn, and that the decisions they make in the week ahead for Jesus will last a lifetime.