Saturday, May 28, 2011


My Memorial Day weekend garage sale is kind of puny. But that's okay... it means I have much less junk lying around. I gave my den a quick once-over early this morning to see if there's anything I might have missed that needs to go. I must say, I'm down to the bare essentials. Oh sure, I still have a massive collection of Old Time Radio collectibles and phonographs, but that's my one worldly joy. I'll lay it all down if God asks me to.

It's all the other "stuff" that needs to go. My wife and I have never been wealthy. Far from it, in fact. We live paycheck to paycheck, and the bills are paid. Barely. We live simply, and we like it that way. But it still amazes me how much junk has piled up over the years. What amazes me even more is how easy it has been to let most of it go.

Three out of the last four years, I've been too tired to bother with all the outdoor Christmas decorations. So why hang on to something I don't use? Here's hoping another Christmas junkie will take it off our hands. We need the room... I would actually like to store the lawnmower in the shed this summer. My collection of Coke bottles just collects dust in my den. Good-bye! Why am I holding on to those collector's plates when I don't have a place to display them? Where did I get two big boxes of... well, we won't go there. (Stop by the sale if you wanna know. ;)

So here's hoping I can clean house this weekend, and maybe make a few dollars in the process. You see, there's this radio down at the antique shop I've had my eye on...