Saturday, March 26, 2011

Too Much Yellow

Tonight I can't seem to get a message I heard earlier this week out of my mind. The guest speaker at our sectional Minister's gathering on Monday told a story about a time when he had 28 days out of 30 filled with church activities on his calendar. When he boasted about it to a Pastor friend, his friend told him quite frankly, "you're sinning."


On my calendar, I highlight each day where there is something important I need to remember, like a special speaker at church, a doctor's appointment, watching my god-children, etc. Lately though, there's been a little too much highlighting going on. This week, my body finally told me that enough is enough. I've been sick and tired with very little energy. And the problem is, I know better. I wrote the book on it.

No seriously, I did. When I tapped out my first book, Picking up Stones, I wrote a chapter on what I call, "Servanthood Burnout." It happens when you're doing so much for so many that you become no good to anybody. What you're doing may be admirable, but if you don't take care of yourself then you are eventually going to crash and burn. Friends, we weren't made to run 24/7. Any machine, no matter how well it's made will eventually reach it's breaking point. And besides, God commanded us to rest. We need a break. It's not a sin to say "no" once in a while.

Yes, people may be depending on you. Kids and family might need you. I'm stretched in about 30 directions myself right now, and if the candle had a third end to burn I'd be torching it. But I'll be paying the price for it. The problem is, so will the people who depend on me.

So if you need a break, take one. That's all... just take one. Get away. Go somewhere. Lock the door for a while. Grab yourself a Coke, crank up the Bobby Darin and....

...hey, it works for me all right?