Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So I Like Lists, Okay?

Yes, I know. Another Top Ten. Hey, I like filling out surveys in my spare time, too.

My Top Ten Contemporary Christian Songs

Praise and Worship and Hymns are not included. Come on... that would severely limit the number of categories I can blog. I will have to admit right off the bat that this list is subject to frequent change. I'm sure there are dozens of songs I could have included, and several that will come to mind in a mere matter of moments. So a better title for this list might be, "Ten Contemporary Christian Songs that I Think are Really Neato but Might Not Be My All-Time Favorites After All!"

10. Fields of Grace - Big Daddy Weave
"There's a place where religion finally dies!" Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

9. Shine - Newsboys
Please. This was just a given. I think it's in the Bible somewhere... Thou Must Include The Newsboys in any Top Ten Christian Music List. I'm sure I remember reading that.

8. Stranger to Holiness - Steve Camp
I know, I know. The guy could be opinionated, but he nailed the raw, gut feeling of anyone who has ever fallen short of the glory of God, and longed to be more for Him.

7. I Wish We'd All Been Ready - DC Talk
Larry Norman did it first and did it well, but DC Talk did it better. Chills every time.

6. Thought You'd Be Here - Wes King
Spoke as loudly in my life as Mark Schultz's "He's My Son." When he sang, "I never knew that I could miss someone I haven't met," it was like he penned every emotion I've ever felt toward my son in one simple phrase. My story is so far removed from his, but that's the thing about music. It's universal. It can mean a hundred different things to a hundred different people. Thanks, Wes.

5. Selah - One Thing I Know
I've sang this as a solo in church more than any other song. Again, nailing my testimony and I'm sure the story of many born-again believers perfectly.

4. The Great Divide - Point of Grace
Congratulations, girls. You've made two top ten lists in a row. The greatest group in all of Contemporary Christian Music, their lyrics always hit home with someone. And their lives match the music. What a great ministry.

3. Shadows - The Rez Band
A powerful 80's metal ballad; raw and pointed. I never lived the story, but whenever they sang it, I felt like I had.

2. Dust to Dust - Keith Green
What can you say about Keith? Too many songs to choose from, so I chose the first one I remember. I accepted Christ the day after Keith died in a plane crash. I never even heard of him until a couple years after. What a legacy.

1. I Surrender All - Clay Crosse
The man just sings the living daylights out of this song. I've done this one a few times in church too, but never can seem to do it justice. Yet it's just how I want to live my life - surrendered to Christ, no matter what the cost.

Haven't heard of these songs? Well, that's one good thing about YouTube... you can find just about anything. Or, just stop by for a cup of coffee. I'll dust off the CD's for you.

Maybe even a cassette.