Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Not IHOP Instead?

I really don't like dreaming.

I don't get the funny little dreams about flying, walking around school in my skivvies, or being back together with a long-lost love where everything is sunshine and roses. No... I dream about making french fries at a fast-food restaurant. I don't even eat there, and it's not because of the greasy food, either. No, this is just another in a series of those nutty dreams I have because I'm trying to improve my life, and fear tries to rule the day.

We had our first intercessory prayer meeting at church last night, and I prayed for the strength to lose the weight I've recently gained back. It's been a struggle all my life, but I had it under control for a number of years. Well, I tried to fit into my favorite suit coat (which I wear about twice a year) last Sunday, and... nothing doing. That baby wasn't even close to being buttoned. That was a wake-up call. So I asked my friends for prayer, and to join with me in believing I can conquer this nasty demon once again.

So what happens? I dreamed that I was hired at a greasy fast food joint, working the fryer. I had some sort of weird teenage co-worker who took orders from the drive thru, while I filled the bags. Most of the time I had to go track him down and tell him there was a car in the drive-thru, because he was in a back room watching television. One of the orders was even returned undercooked. I didn't do it, by the way. I was in charge of the greasy fries.

Anyway, our "restaurant" also had an exercise program. It was part of some winter contest to see whose business could lose the most weight. Our place was working in teams. Of course, I was paired with the lazy co-worker, who wouldn't exercise. So, I munched on a sugary peanut butter cookie instead. Nice.

So hopefully, I'm awake now... although I fear I'm having a dream within a dream again, and I'm going to wake up to find all this typing was useless. But if I am truly awake, then I have conquered the first hurdle of the morning: Breakfast! I had a dry piece of fat-free wheat toast and a bowl of corn flakes with skim milk. Now I'm off to the gym to walk a mile or two, and then I'll head to work to consume large quantities of coffee with fat free creamer.

The pancakes will have to wait.

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