Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nothing But the Tooth

Oh, the drama!

I'm getting really tired of the dentist's chair. I had to drive another 70 miles to the Oral Surgeon again today because I'm having problems with the implant that isn't even completed yet! I won't rehash the entire procedure, but if you're curious enough you can read about it here.

Long story short, there's a gigantic screw that's been drilled into my mouth, and I noticed on Wednesday that it's poking out near the top of my gums. So, I paid an unexpected visit to the surgeon, who said, "Yep. That's a problem." I'm now scheduled to travel back next Thursday so he can try to fix it, or re-graft the whole thing all over again. Translation: Take the screw out and drill it back in and set the whole process of getting my tooth replaced back by yet another month and a half. *Sigh*

I don't blame anybody. Stuff happens. I've learned to roll with it, but this is getting frustrating. As much as I want this done, either alternative doesn't sound like much fun. I'd almost rather eat spinach than have to endure more shots to freeze the most sensitive part of my mouth. Almost. Hey... maybe I could record the whole thing and become a YouTube sensation! Nah, I'm not much into videos and home movies. They tend to disappear.

The one good thing about traveling north for dental work? They have a Biggby Coffee Shop. Now that's worth the trip. Numbing dental pain with coffee... one cup, one tooth at a time.

Maybe it's not so bad after all. At least until I get the bill.