Sunday, May 1, 2011

Unfinished Business

I don't put much stock in my dreams. Now I'm not talking about dreams as they relate to vision for my life or ministry. I'm talking about the dreams that come to visit while I'm sound asleep. For one thing, I don't sleep much. Secondly, I can generally trace my dreams back to something specific that happened during the day. But last night... well, that was different. Although my memory is foggy at best, I know that I dreamed twice that I went back to college and got my Bachelor's Degree. The second time I woke up from the dream, I was convinced that I had to do it, and soon.

I'm still convinced.

For reasons that aren't important right now, I left Eastern Michigan University when I was 18 years old after just one semester. After months of wondering what to do next, I enrolled at the local Community College, and on a whim took some courses in radio. My radio internship turned into a 5 year long job, which led to a 25 year career in broadcasting. I got my Associate's Degree, but the fact that I never got my Bachelor's has always been a thorn in my side.

This week, I'm wrapping up my final report for my Ordination Internship. It's the final course of study that allows me to apply for the 3rd and highest level of ministry for Pastors in our fellowship. I'm glad to have it done. But I want to do more. Completing my studies for ordination was something I needed to do for my church. This time however, it's personal.

I've learned that I may be able to transfer up to 96 credits of previous study and life experience toward my degree. It probably won't be that much, but certainly I'll have a great start. Eventually, I'll have a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology. And I can finally put this heavy load that's been on my shoulders all of these years to rest.

Now. About that student loan...